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Propane Bottle Fill, Tank Rental, & Delivery

Our minimum fuel and propane delivery amount is 175 gallons. We can deliver up to 2000 gallons of propane at a time.

If you run out of propane on weekends, we charge a $150 service charge to come and fill the tank.

We rent LP tanks to customers.  

  250 Gallon  $69.00/yr 

  500 Gallon  $89.00/yr
  1000 Gallon  $129.00/yr

Now Filling Small Tanks: We fill small 20#, 30# AND 100# propane bottles from 7:00 am to 9:30 am, Monday through Friday.

We are unable to fill propane tanks that are enclosed in RV’s, since we are unable to weigh them.

We have exchange cages with 20# LP bottles located at:

  1. Country Corner  15852 E. Highway 44  Caputa, SD
  2. Forney’s Standard  Oelrichs, SD
  3. Rapid City RV Park  4110 S. US Highway 16  Rapid City, SD

We accept SD Low Income Energy Assistance Program enrollees for propane delivery